About Me

Kami Omodt


I am an artist, wife, mother of two girls I adore, and have worked as an administrative assistant for the City of Sandpoint Parks and Recreation Department since 2002. I both grew up and currently reside in Sandpoint ID.
I studied Fine Art at the University of Idaho. While there, I developed other interests in Anthropology, Art History, Mythology, Historical Costume, Dress and Culture, and Women’s History. I find a great deal of enjoyment painting conceptual works rooted in feminine strength as tenacious, intelligent, confident female role models are needed by women of all ages.
I began working predominantly in watercolor in 2000. Since then my older interests mingle regularly with flowers, sailing scenes, and Art Nouveu type gateways. These combinations are most evident in the small watercolors I paint for the covers of the Parks and Rec Activity Booklets. The booklets are released twice per year. The originals can all be found on display in the Parks and Rec Department in City Hall at 1123 Lake Street.

Artist’s Statement

Being an artist allows me to be many things.
By consistently broadening my interests, Art pulls ever more into the cacophony of my imagination and creativity. Art by its very nature inspires me to BECOME as much as any piece BECOMES under my ministrations.
Such a symbiotic relationship between the art and the artist is what I most cherish.

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